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Staying In The Game – Take it from Marie Osmond

As we sat in our seats waiting for the show to start, we couldn’t help but feel giddy about what we were about to see - Donny and Marie “Christmas in Los Angeles” Live At The Pantages. We wondered what Donny was like now? And we couldn’t wait to post our photos about this being a spur of the moment goof. Not every seat was filled, but those that were had 50 plus glorious women in them waiting to swoon over their 1975 heartbeat hunk. And, just to be honest here, one of us may have had that “Donny Confidential” 12x14 placed bedside at some point. Just sayin’.

The lights came down and out they walked, singing a rendition of Moon River by Andi Williams. The Ladies Who Lunch went gah-gah as Donny made his way through the audience, over their legs, through their eyes, and into their 14-year old hearts. Marie held court on the stage, letting her brother do his thing and boy was it working.

As the show progressed, our haughty little Brentwood smiles melted into jaw-dropping astonishment. 33 years had gone by and these 2 had moved from a quirky big toothed-variety act to a full-on exhibition of magnanimous proportions. We got served BIG time.

Donny played the audience perfectly and it was clear that all of his Broadway and Vegas work had held his voice and entertainment prowess in tact. It was hard not to be in love all over again. But, it was Marie that truly blew our purple socks straight off! From a hardcore hairband song that she mastered on the electric guitar to a perfectly pitched opera of Puccini’s ‘Nessun Dorma’, she hit this show right out of the park.

That night prompted a powerful post-show Coffee Revelation. Part of our morning routine. The topic was ‘Staying In The Game’. Marie had clearly been working on her craft from all angles in all ways. She was a virtuoso of flexibility. We couldn’t imagine the amount of hours she spent in those three decades stumbling, fine-tuning and perfecting her craft, amidst the loss of her beloved son Michael, a contentious divorce, struggling with her body image and her religious viewpoints in regards to her daughter Jessica. Music was clearly how she coped.

Classes help us perfect our Voice Over careers. They help get us to a place that makes us marketable. But, we can’t tell you how many people do their demos and then stop. They’ve made it. They’ve spent a lot of money pulling it all together and then they wait for the return. But as author, guru, and all out cool guy, Mike Dooley preaches, the return comes if we are constantly in action as we manifest the outcome we want. Marie saw what she wanted to become and has stayed in motion for over 40 years proving she’s a truly brick house. She’s mighty-mighty!


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